How to Fix 404 Error or 404 Not Found

404 Not Found or 404 error is an HTTP Status Code in the Computer Network Communication. Technically, this code will appear on your browser when the website you trying to reach couldn’t be found on their server.

Some of the websites are customized the ‘404 Not Found’ just to inform the visitor that the website you are trying to reach is not available.

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The types of 404 error displayed.

There are many types of HTTP 404 error display in which you might see below:

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404 Error

404 Not Found

Error 404

The requested URL [URL] was not found on this server

HTTP 404

Error 404 Not Found

404 File or Directory Not Found

HTTP 404 Not Found

404 Page Not Found[/box]

Those 404 error messages can display in any operating system browser or any browser. Just like a web page, it will appear in your internet browser.

However, Internet Explorer will not have a 404 error display or a custom page of 404 except if larger than 512 bytes

What is the Cause of 404 error?

According to the fact, we have two sides why 404 error appears on your browser. The user side,  maybe because you typed the URL incorrectly, or the server side that the page is already moved or deleted to the website.

How to Fix a 404 Error or 404 Not Found

      1. By refreshing the browser – It appears a few times even has no issue exists, so by refreshing your browser or reload it, will fix the 404 error.
      2. Mistype URL – Checking the error you’ve typed in the address bar of your browser URL will help to fix the 404 error, if you mistyped the URL it will display the ‘404 not found‘.
      3. Deleted URL – This will also cause 404 error, to confirm it, go to the website home page and try to search there.
      4. Clearing Browser Cache – clearing cache might help to solve the 404 error, by clearing the data cache will give you more space on your hard drive and force to retrieve a new copy of the website.
      5. Change DNS Server – Usually, you can find the error on the DNS, if the website is working on mobile internet or a friend using other ISP.

    404 is a common issue on URL if your country restricted the URL that you want to open. changing the DNS might help to solve this problem. See our Free DNS Server list

Check/tracking the 404 not found or 404 error?

Many tools exist through the internet to check the page that results in a 404 code.

Google analytics – Google analytics can track the 404 error, but make sure that all your links remove on your site will have the “/404/”, this is for tracking purposes only.

Google Search Console – these tools notify you when your pages are move, change URL, or delete and it will result in a 404 error.




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